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Concert of the "Mystery of Bulgarian Voices" in Stockholm

23 Октомври 2019 Новини

“The sound is intense, strenuous, intersecting. It sounds both extra-terrestrial and prehistoric at the same time. Anyone who has ever heard the Bulgarian women's choir ‘The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices’ will never forget it.” This is how begins the review by the cultural editor of the newspaper ‘Dagens nyheter’ for the concert on October 19th, 2019, in Stockholm of ‘The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices’ and the legendary ‘Dead Can Dance’ singer Lisa Gerrard.

Each one of the musical pieces performed during the 2-hours concert before more than a 1 000 people in a packed ‘Gota Lejon’ theatre in Stockholm was met rapturously by the Swedish audience, which applauded generously the unique identity of the different vocal styles, creating an unparallel harmony between authentic, modern and universal music.

The acoustic support of the Bulgarian folklore quartet ‘Boocheemish’ and the world beatbox champion Aleksander ‘SkilleR’ Deyanov fittingly highlighted the mixing-up of the Bulgarian folklore’s original sound and the contemporary musical styles.

Among the guests of the concert were many Swedish friends of Bulgaria, as well as representatives of the cultural circles in Stockholm. The Bulgarian Embassy in Stockholm actively promoted the concert of ‘The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices’ and Lisa Gerrard in Stockholm, which is part of their European tour.

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