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74-th UNHCR ExCom: The Рermanent Рepresentative of Bulgaria at the UN Office in Geneva expressed Bulgaria’s concern about the worsening global refugee situation and reiterated its support to human rights and the humanitarian principles

13 Октомври 2023 Новини

On October 10, 2023, the Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the UN and other international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Yuri Sterk, took part in the general debate at the 74th session of the Executive Committee of the UN High Commissioner on Refugees. He reiterated Bulgaria’s continued commitment to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and 1951 Convention on refugees’ status. The Bulgarian Ambassador drew attention to the rights of women, children and persons with disabilities and pointed out the need to join efforts in support of persons in vulnerable situation and in fighting human trafficking. 

In his statement Ambassador Sterk drew attention to the dire consequences of Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine and shared the concerns over the fate of the Ukrainian people in view of the approaching winter. He reiterated the continued Bulgaria’s support to the Ukrainian refugees enjoying temporary protection on Bulgarian territory.

He also touched upon other crises which are in the focus of the UNHCR, including the one in Afghanistan and the violations of human rights of women and girls in the country. Ambassador Yuri Sterk encouraged the UNHCR to continue its efforts on enabling conditions and removing obstacles to the voluntary repatriation of refugees and the sustainable return of IDPs in safety and dignity, as well as for their reintegration.

The Bulgarian representative encouraged further the ongoing process of internal reforms and of strengthening the UNHCR coordination with other humanitarian actors, as well as the zero-tolerance approach towards sexual exploitation, sexual harassment and abuse and other forms of misconduct.

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