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Incident with a Bulgarian-registered car in Vienna

A Bulgarian-registered car - BMW X5 exploded at 2:45 am last night in Vienna.
11 January 2014

The situation in Austria

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Vienna says that following the heavy rains and flooding in recent days, some roads in Austria remain closed. In places in the western part of the country, landslides on slopes and cleanup activities following flooding mean that some stretches of railway line are closed.
12 June 2013

Current weather conditions in Austria

After the heavy rains of the past week, five provinces of Austria have been severely affected by floods and landslides of earth and rock.
05 June 2013

The situation in Austria after the heavy rainfall

Because of heavy rains in the past week, many regions of Austria are flooded. In several municipalities, mainly in Lower Austria, emergencies have been declared.
03 June 2013

Information on current weather and road conditions in Austria

Authorities in Austria have announced a code yellow weather warning about snowfalls and winds in the eastern and northeastern parts of the country, along with a warning that the weather will continue to be unstable in coming days.
05 April 2013

Heavy snow has blocked Central Europe

With regard to the dire situation and extremely serious traffic conditions in parts of Central Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Bulgarian citizens to undertake journeys only if absolutely necessary.
15 March 2013

Heavy snowfall in Austria

Heavy snowfall in Austria
17 January 2013

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