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Risk index

Level 3: Increased level of risk (recommendation not to travel in certain areas of the country unless necessary)


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Republic of Seychelles

The Republic of Bulgaria does not have an embassy on the Seychelles. Bulgarian citizens residing in the Seychelles on a short or long-term basis may address consular matters to the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ethiopia

Address: Bole KK, Kebele 04/06/07, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Mailing address: P.O.Box 987 Addis Ababa, FDR of Ethiopia
Telephone: +251 11 66 100 32
Fax: +251 11 66 162 70
Working hours: 08:00 – 18:00
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/ethiopia

The Embassy of the Seychelles a in Brussels, Belgium is accredited to Bulgaria.

Embassy of the Seychelles in Brussels

Address: Avenue Louise 250, boite 102, B-1050, Bruxelles, Belgique
Telephone: +32 2 627 5788
Fax: +32 2 648 5556
E-mail: [email protected]

Honorary Consul the Seychelles in Bulgaria

Mr Maxim BEHAR
Office: 1680 Sofia, 60 C [B], Bulgaria Blvd.
Telephone: +359 2 818 70 10
Fax: +359 2 818 70 11
GSM: +359 888 503 113
E-mail: [email protected] 

General information

Security level:

Pickpocketing on beaches is possible. Appearance of Somali pirates in coastal waters is possible.


Relatively good level of healthcare for Africa. A number of infectious diseases are widespread. Be careful when eating fruit and vegetables.

Recommended vaccines and personal hygiene advice:

For up-to-date information on mandatory and/or recommended vaccines you may contact the Regional Health Inspectorates in the country. Yellow fever vaccine is administered at the following regional health inspectorates: Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate; Varna RHI; Burgas RHI; Pleven RHI; Plovdiv RHI; Blagoevgrad RHI and Ruse RHI.

Specifics of the local legislation:

Homosexuality on the Seychelles is prohibited and subject to criminal prosecution.

Customs requirements:

On the Seychelles, you can import up to 100 rupees in local currency.
You can import duty-free goods for personal use, including up to 400 cigarettes and 500 grams of tobacco, 2 litres of alcohol, 2 litres of beer or wine.
Import of drugs, weapons and pornographic materials is prohibited.
Exports of local currency of up to 100 rupees is allowed and of foreign currency — unlimited.

Road traffic:

Public transport, taxis and rental cars can be used. The road traffic is in the left lane.

Local currency:

Seychelles rupee (SCR)
When travelling to the Seychelles it is recommended that you carry euro, a cheque book or credit card.


Subequatorial, maritime. Average monthly temperatures are 26—28 ºC. Precipitation — up to 4,000 mm (maximum in summer). In the inner plains of the larger islands evergreen tropical forests have been preserved.


The country has an area of 455.3 sq. km and is located in the western Indian Ocean on 86 islands (46 inhabited) of the Seychelles, Amirante, Aldabra, Cosmoledo, Farquhar, etc. archipelagos, with a total coastline of 620 km. The largest islands of the Seychelles group (Mahe, Prale, Silhouette, La Digue, etc.) are rocky and reach an altitude of up to 906 m (Morne Mountains on Mae island), the other islands are small, mostly coral.

Travel papers and visas

You must enter the country with an international passport valid at the time of departure. Bulgarian citizens travelling to the Seychelles (holders of regular, official and diplomatic passports) do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days.

Citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria must ensure that their passport is valid on the date of their entry into the country and throughout their visit. They must also ensure that their passport has at least 1 blank page for each entry stamp that will be required. No visa required; visitor permits are issued on arrival with a return ticket.

In connection with the electronicization of border control in the Seychelles before travel, it is necessary to obtain approval for travel to the country from the migration authorities QR code. The order and details of how this is done can be obtained from the official Seychelles website on this matter: https://seychelles.govtas.com/en

Competitive service

European Emergency Travel Document:

In extreme situations — in case of damage, loss or theft of a passport, Bulgarian citizens can apply for an Emergency Travel Document at an Embassy of an EU Member State on the Seychelles.

Certifications and legalizations:

The Seychelles are a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents.

In order to be valid in Bulgaria and to be able to serve before the Bulgarian institutions all documents issued by the authorities on the Seychelles to Bulgarian citizens should be endorsed with the Apostille of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Seychelles.

Once the documents have been so prepared, they must be translated into Bulgarian by an authorized translation agency in Bulgaria and the translation must be certified by the Department of Certifications and Legalizations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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