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Civil law matters

Adherence to the local legislation

Every person in a foreign country, irrespective of their citizenship, must respect the local legislation.

Get acquainted in advance with the recommendations on the specifics of the local legislation in the country you are visiting and behave accordingly.

Assistance in Civil Matters

The Bulgarian diplomatic and consular missions are not competent to be parties to private law cases and represent Bulgarian nationals in court (for example, plaintiffs). Their assistance is limited to provision of non-binding information and instructions on regulations, disclosure of notices of competent authorities and attorneys (in most cases the trusted lawyer of the diplomatic mission) or initiation of negotiations between the parties to the dispute. It should be noted in that light that the trusted lawyer is entitled to a pay from the party he/she represents for the legal consultations and any other necessary formalities.

International Relations in Civil Matters

The international relations in civil matters are regulated in many multilateral and bilateral treaties. Such treaties regulate mainly legal aid (i.e. collection of evidence, delivery of documents abroad), recognition and enforcement of court and arbitration decisions emanating from a third country, international differentiation of legal competences or restriction thereof (creating immunity). Such treaties also regulate foreign procedural matters such as legal charges and provision of legal aid abroad.

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