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Diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Belgium were established in 1879.

Belgium is an EU partner and NATO ally. Our bilateral cooperation is dynamic and constructive and many areas of interaction stem from specific topics in the EU agenda. The 140th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations was jointly celebrated in 2019.

Belgium is one of the traditional and leading trade and economic partners of Bulgaria. The bilateral contractual and legal basis is well-developed and facilitates the active development of our commercial relations, incl. on the regional and provincial level. The sustainable growth trend which was established in the last few years helps maintain a stable bilateral trade flow. There are also certain prerequisites and a shared interest for expanding the presence of Belgian companies in Bulgaria and increasing the tourist exchange.

According to statistical data, as of 2021, the number of officially registered Bulgarian citizens in Belgium is 43 104 (a 5,9% increase for one calendar year). More than 10 organisations of Bulgarians in Belgium are actively engaged with setting up cultural events and initiatives. There are Bulgarian Sunday schools, as well as a Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Brussels and as of the beginning of 2022 – a Bulgarian Orthodox Church mission in the Province of Limburg.

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