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Diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the Netherlands were established in 1909.

The Netherlands is an EU partner and NATO ally. Our bilateral cooperation is characterized by long traditions and excellent perspectives. The 110th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations was jointly celebrated in 2019.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is one of the traditional and important trade and economic partners of Bulgaria. The expansion of business and investment cooperation (incl. through joint business forums and trade missions), as well as the tourist exchange growth, is of common interest. Among the specific areas with a potential for successful trade partnerships are the textile industry, furniture production and timber processing,  maritime industry and shipbuilding, science and R&D, transition towards a circle economy, innovations, water and waste management, transport infrastructure, etc.

According to the Central Statistical Bureau of the Netherlands, at the end of 2021 the number of Bulgarian citizens with permanent address registration is 50 128 (a 11,71% increase for one calendar year). In the past year, the number of Bulgarian students in the Netherlands has also grown, reaching around 4000 people. A Bulgarian Orthodox Church, as well as several Bulgarian Sunday Schools and local Bulgarian organisations play an active role in the Bulgarian community’s spiritual, educational and cultural life.

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