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European Emergency Travel Document

The diplomatic and consular representations of the EU member states can issue an Emergency Travel Document to Bulgarian citizens who have lost or had their documents stolen when in the country of their temporary or permanent residence there is no Bulgarian or diplomatic representation.

An application is required for a temporary passport with a photo and documents which can prove the person’s identity and citizenship.

The validity term of the European Emergency Travel Document is determined on the basis of the minimum term necessary for the travel to be completed along the shortest route and the shortest period possible.

The Emergency Travel Document can be issued only if all the conditions below are met:

  1. the holder must be a Bulgarian citizen whose passport or travel document has been lost, got stolen or destroyed or is temporarily absent,
  2. he/she is in a country where the Republic of Bulgaria has no available diplomatic or consular representation which can issue a travel document or where the Republic of Bulgaria is not otherwise represented, and
  3. a permit has been given by the competent authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Every EU member state sets the fee it collects for issuing an emergency travel document.

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