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Careers at MFA

The establishment, modification and termination of relationships with employees in the diplomatic service are set out in the Diplomatic Service Act. Under this law, employees in the diplomatic service are:

  • Diplomatic staff who are civil servants with diplomatic rank;
  • Officials without diplomatic rank;
  • Employees under labour contracts.

All officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are appointed on the basis of an open public competition.

Specific requirements for employees in the diplomatic service, as defined in the Diplomatic Service Act, are:

  1. Education – A candidate for a service contract must have a master’s degree.
  2. Language qualifications: 
    • For civil servants with diplomatic rank - Proficiency in at least two foreign languages, at least one of which is an official United Nations language.
    • For state employees without diplomatic rank - command of at least one foreign language.
    • For those employed under labour contracts - use of at least one foreign language.

Educational internship at the MFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria accepts as interns students from universities in Bulgaria and abroad. Internships take place in the directorates of the ministry and overseas missions of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Internship in the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry

Candidates for internships must be:

  • Bulgarian citizens;
  • Students in their final year of training in specialities in which the subjects being studied relate to international relations and the foreign policy of Bulgaria;
  • Speak at least one foreign language. It is desirable to possess or use a second language;
  • During the internship, attend the MFA in the normal working hours of the employees (from 9.00 h to 17.30 h).

Documents to be submitted when applying for an internship:

  • Written application to the Director of Human Resources, submitted at least one month before the estimated start date of the internship.

The application must include: the names of prospective trainees; personal identification number and permanent address (as stated on the identity card), contact information (e-mail, telephone), preferred directorate (or specified areas of activity of the ministry of interest to trainee), duration of the internship and the time-frame most convenient for the candidate.

The application must be accompanied by: 

  • A CV in Bulgarian;
  • A recent reference from the educational institution;

The application may be accompanied by a cover letter, if this is not included in the application itself; a short recommendation from the Head of Department or a tutor about the candidate’s academic and personal qualities and range of interests.

Internship at the MFA is practical, lasts one month (in exceptional cases, it may be extended to two months) and no remuneration is paid.

The Human Resources Directorate notifies applicants who have been approved for service no later than one week before the beginning of the internship.

After completing an internship at the MFA, trainees receive a certificate in Bulgarian for the internship period.

Experience at a foreign representation of Bulgaria

Application documents to serve at a Bulgarian diplomatic mission abroad (the request must contain identity number, address as stated on a Bulgarian identity card, resume and cover letter) must be submitted at the relevant foreign representation of Bulgaria. If the Head of Mission has a favourable opinion of the application, the representation officially notifies the Human Resources Directorate at the MFA, which after final approval gives a month’s notice of the internship. No remuneration is paid for the internship and the foreign mission makes no arrangements about accommodation. The Head of Mission prepares the certificate of service performed.

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