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Objectives of the Bulgarian Development Co-operation

Objectives of the Bulgarian Development Cooperation


As an important foreign policy instrument, official development assistance pursues several major objectives:

-        to affirm Bulgaria as a consistent, reliable and predictable partner on the international scene and to safeguard national interests;

-        to facilitate the pursuit of good-neighbourly and friendly relations with neighbouring countries and with countries that are home to Bulgarian communities;

-        to invigorate economic contacts with Bulgaria’s long-standing and new partners in the Middle East, Asia and Africa;

-        to help overcome poverty and inequalities within and among countries that catalyse refugee flows and illegal migration;

-        last but not least, to assert the principle of multilateralism in international relations, respect for international law, the values of democracy and human rights.

The goals of the Bulgarian government in the field of development cooperation are in line with those of the European Union (EU) and of the United Nations (UN). At the same time, they reflect the Bulgarian national priorities.

The ODA provided by Bulgaria takes into account the goals enshrined in the EU acquis in this field – combating poverty in developing countries, strengthening social and sustainable development in developing countries and economic integration of developing countries in the world economy. In the development policy, poverty is defined as a multifaceted problem, whose overcoming requires support of good governance, protection of human rights, development of the social, educational and economic fields, as well as sustainable development.

Bulgaria's efforts are mainly geared towards sharing its experience from the process of transition to democracy and market-oriented economy with the countries from the Western Balkans  and the Eastern Partnership. In thas context, and as a result of the geographical, cultural and historical proximity to them, Bulgaria aims to pass on its experience of building working representative institutions and of the process of EU integration.

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