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Republic of Belarus

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Republic of Belarus
Address: Square Svobodyi 11, 1st floor, 220030 Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Tel.: +375 17 374 85 58
Fax: +375 17 374 61 59
Hotlines: + 375 29 625 80 44, +375 29 625 80 43
Office hours of the Embassy:
Mon - Fri, 09:00 – 17:30 h
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mfa.bg/embassies/belarus
Consular Section
Opening hours: Mon - Fri, 10:00 – 13:00 h
Consular information: Tel.: + 375  17 374 62 64
Appointment: Tel.: + 375 17 374 62 64 , 14:00 - 16:00 h
E-mail: [email protected]

Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Sofia

Address: 3 “Nikola Karadzhov” str., b.c. “Reduta”, 1505 Sofia
Telephone: +359 2 971 71 31; +359 2 971 95 28
Fax: +359 2 973 31 00
E-mail: [email protected]

Honorary Consul of Belarus in Bulgaria

Atanas POPOV

Chancellerie: 8000 Bourgas, 7, rue Vassil Levski, ét. 3

Tél./ Fax: +359 56 80 02 76

E-mail: [email protected]

General information

General information


Foreign nationals are required to sign a compulsory medical insurance contract with a Belarusian insurance company, or with a foreign partner of a Belarusian insurance company. Such insurance contract may be signed at all border check-points. In the absence of medical insurance or upon refusal to sign insurance, foreign citizens are not allowed to enter Belarus.

Legislation specifics:

When visiting the Republic of Belarus, you should follow local laws and customs. During your stay, you fall within the jurisdiction of the state. It is recommended that you inquire about any applicable laws and customs and follow them accordingly.

In case of arrest by local authorities, you may require an immediate contact with the diplomatic or consular representation of the Republic of Bulgaria in Minsk. A consular officer from the Bulgarian representation will contact you as soon as possible.

Between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Belarus, a bilateral Agreement on judicial assistance in civil matters has been signed.

Road traffic:

“Civil Liability” insurance: foreign nationals entering the territory of Belarus by road vehicles are required to have “Civil Liability” insurance for the duration of residence, but for not less than 15 days.

Local currency:

Belarusian ruble (BYR). Currency should be exchanged in banks and exchange bureaus only.


Travel papers and visas

In accordance with the adopted Law of the Republic of Belarus – “Legal status of foreign citizens and stateless persons” of 4 January 2010, foreigners can enter, leave or transit the territory of the Republic of Belarus if they are in possession of a valid passport and visa.

Documents required for visa applications: Valid passport with validity not less than 90 days after expiry of the visa, 1 standard visa form, a recent colour photograph 35x45 mm, full face, against light background; invitation letter.

On request of the consular officer, additional documents may need to be provided, if deemed necessary. For citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria, business visas and visas for private visits may also be issued, with validity of up to 30 days without an invitation and after filling a visa form and indicating the purpose of the trip, the exact name and address of inviting organisation (or three names, address and telephone number of an individual) and the address of residence in Belarus.

Bulgarian citizens can obtainentry visas on the airportMinsk-2 as well.

Foreigners can enter and transit through the territory of the Republic of Belarus if they are in possession of a valid passport and Belarusian visa.

A migration card must be completed by foreign citizens upon entering the territory of the Republic of Belarus and kept during their stay in the country. Upon leaving the country, the card needs to be returned to the competent border authorities. In the event of loss of the card, the foreign citizen must inform the Ministry of Interior at the address of registration within 3 working days.

Foreign nationals are required to register with the Ministry of Interior, Migration Department at their place of residence within 5 days after arrival, excluding weekends, public holidays and public holidays declared by the President of the Republic of Belarus for non-working days. Registration is done by presence of a migration card bearing the mark of an official of the State Border Committee, placed upon entry in the Republic of Belarus. Upon change of residence, foreigners are required to register their new address within five days.

Competitive service

Under Art. 11 of the Treaty on Legal Assistance between Bulgaria and Belarus in civil matters, documents drawn up or certified by a competent authority in the prescribed form are recognized by the other country without  further legalisation (an Apostille is not required).

Issuance of Bulgarian identity documents

The Consular Office at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Minsk, Belarus disposes with the necessary computer equipment and accepts applications for the issuance of Bulgarian identity documents - passports, identity cards, driving licenses and temporary passports.

In case of theft or loss of personal documents, Bulgarian citizens need to inform the nearest police station thereof. After the event is registered, they must ask for a copy of the protocol. Consequently, it is necessary to contact the Bulgarian Embassy, to file documents for a temporary passport, so that you can continue your journey or return to the Republic of Bulgaria.

After issuance of a temporary passport of a Bulgarian citizen, resident in the Republic of Belarus, it is obligatory for such person to apply before the competent local authorities for the issuance of an exit Belarusian visa.

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