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Advice to Bulgarian citizens traveling to and in Ukraine

In recent days, the traffic on the main roads in urban areas of Ukraine - Chernivtsi, Kamyanets-Podilsky and Nykolaev (Western and Southern Ukraine) is hampered. The difficult traffic conditions are expected to remain during the next few weeks.
29 July 2014

Recommendations for the Bulgarian citizens travelling and staying in Ukraine

According to the information from the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ukraine, from 12:00 pm on 19 February movement to and from Kiev is blocked by the forces of the Interior Ministry and Internal troops. The situation in the western part of the country
19 February 2014

To the attention of the Bulgarian citizens travelling to Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the Bulgarian citizens that a decision of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine sets a requirement for the possession of obligatory funds by foreign citizens entering the country.
13 February 2014

Advice to Bulgarian citizens traveling to Ukraine

In view with the escalation of tensions in Ukraine, MFA advises the Bulgarian citizens travelling to the country the following :
23 January 2014

Bulgarian died in a bus accident in Ukraine

A Bulgarian citizen died in the accident near the town of Kovel in Ukraine this morning in which a Bulgarian-registered bus collided with another bus.
11 July 2013

Series of explosions in Dnipropetrovsk

According to the Bulgarian Embassy in Ukraine, there is no information that any Bulgarian citizens have been injured as a result of a series of explosions in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk.
27 April 2012

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