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No Bulgarians injured in Sardinia

According to the information from the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Rome, there are no Bulgarian citizens injured in the floods, caused by the cyclone "Cleopatra" on the island of Sardinia.
22 November 2013

Serious incident as Italian cruise ship runs aground in the shallows off the coast of Tuscany

A large Italian cruise ship with 4000 people abroad ran aground yesterday in the shallows of the Mediterranean off the coast of Tuscany. According to the Embassy of Bulgaria in Rome, there is currently no information that Bulgarian citizens are among the casualties. The Embassy is in constant contact with local authorities and is continuing to monitor the situation. ...
14 January 2012

Suspicious package at the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome proved to be harmless

During a routine check today of the mail received at the Bulgarian Embassy in Rome, one of the packages when going through the scanner has given indication of metal present. ...
28 December 2010

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