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No Bulgarians killed in crash near Budapest

According to the Hungarian police, no Bulgarians were killed in the crash that occurred on a highway near Budapest.
30 August 2013

Update on floods in Hungary

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Hungary reports that because of the heightening the level of the Danube in Budapest, several stretches of road around the river valley are closed, but in general the situation is normal, with no casualties and no serious damage.
10 June 2013

The road between Vienna and Budapest is closed to traffic

Snowfalls and storm winds have led to traffic chaos in parts of Hungary. The road between Vienna and Budapest (the M1) also is closed to traffic. Travelling in this part of Hungary is currently impossible. Bulgarian citizens are advised not to travel in this region.
15 March 2013

Heavy snow has blocked Central Europe

With regard to the dire situation and extremely serious traffic conditions in parts of Central Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Bulgarian citizens to undertake journeys only if absolutely necessary.
15 March 2013

Serious traffic situation in Hungary

Because of the serious traffic conditions in Western Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends to Bulgarian citizens to undertake travelling in Central Europe only if absolutely necessary.
15 March 2013

Information for Bulgarian citizens travelling with Hungarian airline Malév

On February 3 2012 Hungarian airline Malév stopped all flights because of a lack of funds. Currently, the airline is negotiating with other airlines about the 3700 passengers left at the airport in Budapest so that they can be transported to their planned destinations. The general director of the airline has said that passengers who have tickets for Friday, February 3, or the next three days should contact Malév customer service counters. ...
03 February 2012

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