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Information for Bulgarian citizens travelling with Hungarian airline Malév

03 February 2012

On February 3 2012 Hungarian airline Malév stopped all flights because of a lack of funds. Currently, the airline is negotiating with other airlines about the 3700 passengers left at the airport in Budapest so that they can be transported to their planned destinations.

The general director of the airline has said that passengers who have tickets for Friday, February 3, or the next three days should contact Malév customer service counters.

Passengers with tickets for the coming months should submit a claim for reimbursement to Malév.

Passengers who are still abroad can purchase tickets for your destination on another airline, citing the  stopped flights of Malév. Invoices for such tickets must be presented to Malév after arrival.

The Society for Consumer Protection in Hungary is committed to represent the rights of passengers. Requests with the relevant data (name, ticket price) should be sent to the e-mail address of the organisation, [email protected].

Malév has provided the following telephone numbers: +36-40-212121 from Hungary and +36-802-1111.

Bulgarian citizens who are affected by this situation may turn for assistance to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Bulgaria in Budapest, tel: + 36 1322 08 24, + 36 1322 08 36 +36 1342 37 38. The address of the Embassy is Andrássy Boulevard № 115, 1062 Budapest.

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