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Albania needs a restoration of the political dialogue

20 May 2011 News

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Greece and Slovenia, have agreed to issue the following joint statement:

“We continue to observe with great concern the unfolding events in the wake of the May 8th local elections in Albania.

These elections are seen as a testimony of Albania’s ability to uphold the high democratic standards that are an inalienable part of its European perspective. 

The close results in Tirana, the polarized environment, and the lack of trust between government and opposition parties mean that all sides must make the necessary efforts to urgently bridge differences in a spirit of dialogue and agreement. The first priority should be to protect the legality and credibility of the ballot-counting process. The authorities must guarantee that official results be published as soon as possible, and that all competing claims be addressed in full compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law and international standards.

We call on all sides to adhere to the democratic process and the peaceful conduct of the elections. Albania urgently needs a restoration of the political dialogue between government and opposition, which is indispensable for the normal functioning of any democratic society.

We call on all political leaders to show restraint both in their statements and in their actions. Avoiding violence and contributing to the normalisation of the situation is their foremost responsibility. 

A stable and democratic Albania is an important factor for stability and development of the Western Balkans.”

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