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20 March 2011 News

Bulgaria supports the efforts of the international community in Libya

It can participate in an operation for imposing the embargo and in humanitarian missions

Today Prime Minister Boyko Borisov convened a meeting to discuss the situation in Libya. The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nickolay Mladenov, Defense Minister Anyu Angelov, Head of Defense General Simeon Simeonov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitar Tsanchev, as well as the heads of the State Agency for National Security (SANS), the National Intellligence Service (NIC) and the Military Information Service.

The government officials discussed the possibilities for the Republic of Bulgaria to participate in the enforcement of UN Security Council Resolution 1973/2011 and assessed the situation in Libya, where there are still Bulgarian citizens.

„Bulgaria condemns the actions of the regime of Colonel Gaddafi against civilians. He lost legitimacy and should withdraw before more innocent human blood is shed. Bulgaria supports a solution based on international law and the UN Security Council resolutions. We will definitely fulfil our obligations as allies within NATO and the EU, Prime Minister Borisov said after the meeting.

The Republic of Bulgaria supports the efforts of the international community to impose no-fly zone over Libya, but does not participate in the military operation. A variety of options for the country's participation in the implementation of arms embargo and sending a humanitarian aid were considered during the meeting. “Establishing control over the airspace of Libya is a key element for preventing the regime’s attacks against civilians”, said Defense Minister Anyu Angelov. “Bulgaria can participate in operations embargoes, giving in need of a frigate composition of the Bulgarian Navy, and also in humanitarian missions," he added.  

“The future of Libya is in the hands of the Libyan people. Colonel Gaddafi has no way back, he cannot restore the status quo through repression. From now on the international community, based on resolution 1973 of the UN Security Council will take the necessary actions to stop Gaddafi's aggression against his own compatriots," Foreign Minister Nickolay Mladenov said. Later today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he will hold meetings with the ambassadors of NATO, the EU and Arab League, to present Bulgaria's position.

The Bulgarian Foreign Minister called on those Bulgarian citizens who are still in Libya to keep in touch with the Bulgarian embassy in Tripoli and not to expose themselves to unnecessary risks.

At the beginning of next week a meeting of the Security Council to the Prime Minister will take place. The Council will discuss the situation in North Africa and the Middle East.

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