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A statement by Nickolay Mladenov: Our priority is the humanitarian situation in Libya

18 March 2011 News

Bulgaria welcomes Resolution 1973 by the UN Security Council which aims to stop the violence in Libya. Bulgaria’s foremost priority is the humanitarian situation in the country, and the cease fire between Colonel Gaddafi's regime and the forces in Benghazi. This morning, I initiated a process of complete review of the measures, which we must put in place in accordance with the sanctions against the regime in Libya. Thus, given the humanitarian situation, the only option that we do not consider is inaction.

Today and tomorrow, there will be a series of meetings within NATO and the EU that will determine the manner in which both organizations will act towards the implementation of the Resolution. Bulgaria will take part in all efforts, that are not only mandated by the Security Council, but are also negotiated within NATO and the EU. Above all, this implies providing humanitarian assistance, including the additional evacuation of people willing to leave the country. At this stage I do not think that Bulgaria can commit itself to open military action in Libya.

Maybe the most important aspect of the Resolution is the clear message to all citizens of Libya, that the country's territorial integrity remains a priority for us, and that neither the international community, nor NATO intend to occupy any part of Libya’s territory.

Politically, I do not see a way back for Gaddafi’s regime. I think that the sooner this situation ends, the less human victims will be, and the sooner a chance for recovery of the Libyan society will come together with democratic changes.


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