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Mariya Gabriel: Europe's strength and competitiveness are based on its talents

23 February 2024 News

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariya Gabriel is on a working visit to Paris, where she gave a lecture at the prestigious National Institute of Public Service, of which she was elected this year's patron. Patrons of classes over the years have been key figures in European politics, including Simone Weil, Jacques Delors, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Jean-Claude Juncker, Herman Van Rompuy, Michel Barnier, etc.

‘I am honoured to be the patron of the Class of 2024 of the Advanced European Studies Programme at the prestigious French National Institute of Public Service. This is a recognition, but also a responsibility to stand up for causes like Europe of values, Europe of the future and Europe — home of talents. My election as patron gives me the energy to continue working for causes that build a strong and inclusive Europe’,Mariya Gabriel said.

The French National Institute of Public Service (INSP) is an academic institution for the initial and continuing training of French senior managers and civil servants. The Institute was created to continue the activities of the French National School of Administration (ENA), founded by Charles de Gaulle in 1945. The training courses give civil servants from all over the world the opportunity to develop their skills in public administration and study current public policy issues with students from around the world. The class of 2024, of which Gabriel is the patron, includes 46 students from 9 nationalities.

Mariya Gabriel stressed that in order to respond to global challenges and to protect its core interests in a polarised and fragmented world, the European Union must be united. ‘European integration is one of the most important means to tackle the current geopolitical and security challenges.’

In her speech she also presented the challenges and ambitions of Bulgarian foreign policy in the dynamically changing European and global context. The deputy prime minister outlined Bulgaria's efforts to establish itself as a key factor for security and stability in Southeastern Europe, the country's policy in support of the Western Balkans and the need to put the security of the Black Sea region high on the EU and NATO agenda. The Deputy Prime Minister shared highlights of the work on Bulgaria's first foreign policy strategy, stressed the country's aspiration to become a regional innovation hub and the steps for the implementation of the Brand Bulgaria initiative. The discussion also focused on the fight against disinformation, energy security and the debate on the future of Europe.

‘Europe's strength and competitiveness are also based on its talents. Thank you to the class of 2024 for your interesting questions and shared ideas about the future of Europe. We need not only to outline the challenges and problems, but also to create solutions together. Solutions to strengthen stability, security and cooperation in Europe and the world ”, Mariya Gabriel concluded.


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