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Meeting of Minister Nikolay Milkov with Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Eileen Sekizkök

09 September 2022 News

Today at the MFA, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Nikolay Milkov received the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Sofia Mrs Eileen Sekizkök.

The two underscored the extremely good level of bilateral relations and their satisfaction with the existing intensive dialogue on all topics of common interest.

Minister Milkov expressed gratitude to the Turkish side for the permission to hold the elections for MPs on the territory of the Republic of Turkey on 2 October this year. He expressed our country’s expectation that the vote in Turkey will take place in a peaceful environment, allowing citizens to express their will.

Close cooperation on security issues between the two countries was discussed, as well as the specific issue of taking additional measures to prevent illegal channels for human trafficking across our common border.

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