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24 June 2022 News

The Republic of Bulgaria has always been among those member states of the European Union that support the European aspirations of the Albanian people. We have defended Albania's European perspective and the start of EU membership negotiations, even when it was much more difficult than today. Over the years, there have not always been many other voices along with us in this cause. We still stand for it today, in spite of everything, in the name of a common European future.

This is not the first time we have heard unprovoked harsh, insulting qualifications from a head of government as a response to our support. Vicious insinuations in such a low language register can no longer be justified by the character traits and lack of European communication skills. We expect the Albanian Prime Minister to adapt his means of expression to a language that is appropriate for a politician from a country candidate for EU membership.

We insist, more than any other, on maintaining a good tone of communication. We have always shown all the respect required by the level of interstate relations. We have a common future with Albania. Politicians come and go. The nations remain. Our peoples have a common interest, which must not be undermined by one politician's misjudgments. It is unacceptable for relations between our states to become hostage to the eccentricity of the current Albanian Prime Minister.

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