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Today we celebrate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

27 January 2022 News

Today we celebrate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this date, we pay homage to the more than six million victims of the Holocaust and mark the 77th  anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, which has become a symbol of one of the darkest pages in world history.

Nowadays, the number of living witnesses to the horrors of the Holocaust is dwindling, so today's generations have a moral duty to preserve the memory and pass it on to those after them. To this end, it is especially important to reject any attempt to rewrite history and distort the historical narrative.

The memory of the victims obliges us not only to know and remember what happened, but also to stand together against hatred, intolerance and discrimination.

As a free and democratic state, sharing the values of the rule of law and human rights, the Republic of Bulgaria expressly condemns and strongly opposes all modern manifestations of anti-Semitism - the misanthropic ideology that was the driving force of the Holocaust. Such crimes should never be allowed again!

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