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04 February 2019 News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria is convinced that the people of Venezuela must be given the right to determine its own future, based upon the principles of the democratic, law-governed state.

According to official data, already 4 million people have fled Venezuela. Inflation is inching towards 1.7 million percent annually. Foods, medicine, potable water are all missing, and the country is facing a huge humanitarian crisis.

On January 26, 2019, the EU, Bulgaria included, called upon Venezuela to conduct, on an urgent basis, free, transparent and honest presidential elections. The member states pointed out that unless new elections are announced within the next few days, they would undertake action, including on the matter of recognizing the country’s leadership in accordance with Art. 233 of the Constitution of Venezuela.

In its resolution, adopted by a majority of 439 votes, as opposed to 104 votes against and 88 abstentions, the European parliament declared its full support for the National Assembly as the sole legitimate democratic body of Venezuela and recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimate interim president in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution.

Nicolas Maduro, who was elected in 2018 in a vote declared illegitimate by the EU, the US, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia and other Latin American nations, has already announced that he has no intention to heed the call for organizing new, transparent presidential elections.

We believe that Mr. Juan Guaido, the president of the National Assembly, as the acting interim President of Venezuela, will schedule free, honest and democratic presidential elections in accordance with the Constitution. The MFA has initiated a consultation procedure that will lead to the adoption of a decision in support of the transition to a democratic form of government in Venezuela, based upon the rule of law and respect for human rights.

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