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Incident involving employees of the Bulgarian Embassy in Yemen

On the morning of April 20 2013, two employees of the Bulgarian Embassy in Sana’a were attacked by local citizens outside the building of the diplomatic mission. Thanks to the rapid and adequate reaction of the staff, no one was injured in the incident.
24 April 2013

Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly advises Bulgarians to leave Yemen

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends to Bulgarian citizens residing in Yemen to not underestimate the danger of the situation and immediately leave the country. This can be done with functioning regular commercial flights from the international airport in Sanaa. The security situation in Yemen continues to be extremely volatile and may quickly deteriorate. The Bulgarian Embassy will temporarily suspend its activities in the upcoming days. ...
06 June 2011

Violence in Yemen rapidly escalating. Bulgarian citizens to leave immediately

We are deeply concerned about the rapid escalation of violence in the Republic of Yemen. We fear that chaos and disorder are growing along with all ensuing negative consequences. We call for immediate cease of violence and for political dialogue. ...
03 June 2011

Travel Advice for Yemen

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly advises against travel to Yemen. The political situation in the country is extremely critical and it is possible that the violence spreads throughout the country which will make ensuring the security of Bulgarian citizens considerably difficult. ...
01 June 2011

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