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Traffic conditions - Romania

Code yellow was issued in Romania due to rains and strong winds.
01 October 2013

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned about the situation on the border with Romania

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested clarification from Romania in connection with the difficulties that have arisen in the movement of Bulgarian trucks into Romania that have led to queues at border crossings. ...
22 February 2012

Snow blockade in Romania continues for a second day

The situation in Romania continues to be difficult after the heavy snowfalls of recent days. The National Meteorological Administration of Romania has kept in force the Code Orange warning in Tulcea and Constanta County. In these areas the wind speed will be 80 to 90km/h, which will lead to poor visibility and large snow drifts on the roads. ...
27 January 2012

Emergency situation in Romania

Because of bad weather - storms and heavy snowfall – the situation in southern and southeastern Romania is particularly critical. Code Red has been declared. Main roads have been blocked, including in parts of the capital Bucharest. ...
26 January 2012

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