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Advices to people travelling to Syria

26 April 2011

MFA strongly recommends to Bulgarian citizens not to travel to Syria unless in a case of emergency. If, nevertheless, you need to travel, be sure to take all the necessary measures for your personal safety, avoid visiting public places, avoid contacts with remonstrants and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

MFA urges Bulgarian citizens currently or permanently residing in Syria to leave the country immediately using flights of the existing regular airlines and/or other suitable means of transportation.

We recommend to Bulgarian citizens located in Syria to register at the following phone numbers, giving the exact place where they are:

Contacts of the Bulgarian Embassy in Damascus:
Postal address:

Damascus, Salhieh, Pakistan Str Bld №8
P.O. Box 2732

Stationary phones:
Embassy (main office)
– 00963 11 445 40 39; 0096311 4413128
Fax – 441 98 54
Coordinator, Chargé d’affaires – Boycho Gyurov, 0096311 445 40 39; 0096311 4413128
Consul – Stoil Zlatarski, 0096311 445 40 39; 0096311 4413128
e-mail: [email protected]

Mobile phones:
Boycho Gyurov, Chargé d’affaires – GSM 00963 944390203
Stoil Olegov Zlatarski, Consul – GSM 00963 944614823

Crisis center of MFA:
Tel. +359 2 948 2116
e-mail: [email protected]

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