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The meteorological situation in Serbia remains complicated

02 February 2014

According to the information from theEmbassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade,  the meteorological situation on the territory of Serbia continues to be complicated. The most serious is the situation in northwestern Serbia, Vojvodina administrative district. According to the meteorological office, the wind speed reaches up to 140 km / h in places, which leads to snow drifts. It is expected the wind to begin abating on Monday.

The traffic conditions are very heavy in Vojvodina, where in many places the roads are impassable and in some parts a state of emergency was declared. The car traffic on the highway Subotica - Novi Sad is suspended in both directions. The section of the highway from Novi Sad to Belgrade is passable.

Horgoš crossing on the Serbian- Hungarian border is closed to traffic. There are heavy traffic conditions also to the border with Romania.

In the rest of Serbia, the roads are passable in winter conditions. The Batrovci crossing on the border between Serbia and Croatia is open and the traffic is carried out on E-70 highway /Belgrade - Zagreb/.

The cleanup and the rescue operations are ongoing. Stranded vehicles and people are transported to the nearest built-up areas and hot drinks, food and accommodation are provided. The Embassy in Belgrade is in constant contact with the crisis centre, established by the Serbian authorities, as well as with the Bulgarian citizens who are stranded on the territory of Serbia. They are accommodated in warm rooms and are hot drinks and food are provided.

The Serbian authorities urge the citizens to avoid travelling in the region of northwestern Serbia, Vojvodina, and in case travelling to and from Western Europe to use the E-70 highway,  Belgrade – Zagreb, Batrovci border crossing.

MFA once again strongly recommends the Bulgarian citizens to postpone any travel to and through Serbia, to seek the latest information about the weather conditions before travelling, and to follow the advice and instructions of the local authorities.

Bulgarian citizens can seek assistance from the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Belgrade if necessary.

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

Address: “Birchaninova” № 26, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Tel.: +381 11 36 13 980 , +381 11 36 13 990

Duty contact number after working hours: + 381 11 3613 980, + 13 990 0381 11 36

Working hours of the Embassy and the Consulate: Mon - Fri, 8.30 - 4.30 pm

Opening hours of the Consulate for citizens: In - Fri , 10:00 to 12:00 pm

E-mail: [email protected];

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