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Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Bulgarians in Egypt to exercise caution

27 June 2013

According to the Embassy of Bulgaria in Cairo, mass demonstrations are planned in Egypt in the next few days. In parallel, there will be mass rallies in support of the government. Major demonstrations are scheduled for June 30 2013, but it is possible that tensions will escalate before that.

Protests are expected to be concentrated mainly in the capital Cairo, and the Foreign Ministry advises that you should avoid the area of Tahrir Square, the Presidential Palace, Cairo University and El Adawiya Rabah mosque in the district of Nasr City. It is possible that processions will go to areas around the state office buildings and headquarters of political parties. There is a great likelihood of blocking streets and main roads.

MFA recommends that Bulgarian citizens living or residing in Egypt do not go to places where there are large gatherings of people, not take part in demonstrations and to avoid the above-mentioned areas, especially in the evening hours.

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