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Foreign Ministry envoy holds meetings in Malaysia

07 November 2012

The head of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry’s America, Asia, Australia and Oceania Directorate, Angel Orbetsov, has held a series of meetings in Malaysia in connection with the case of the two Bulgarians sentenced to death for illegal narcotics trafficking.

Mr Orbetsov spoke with the Attorney General of Malaysia, who briefed him on the procedural developments in the case against the two Bulgarians. Malaysian law says that there is 14-day deadline after the publication of the judgment of the court of first instance pronouncing sentence of death to appeal at the second instance.

Bulgaria’s envoy said that Bulgaria and the European Union were fundamentally opposed to the death penalty and asked that the two Bulgarians undergo a full medical examination, and that all of their other fundamental rights be observed.

Mr Orbetsov had meetings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, where he was briefed on the current debate in the country against the death penalty. The Malaysia Foreign Ministry diplomats assured Mr Orbetsov that they would carefully study the case of the two Bulgarian nationals.

Mr Orbetsov discussed the matter with a representative of the EC Delegation in Kuala Lumpur. They discussed information regarding similar cases involving European citizens and possible actions. The topic of the use of the death penalty in Malaysia is part of the continuing political dialogue of the EU

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