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Case of the transport of children from Bosilegrad

08 August 2012

In connection with the barring from admission to Serbian territory of Bulgarian buses transporting children from the region of Bosilegrad, the Foreign Ministry – through the Embassy in Belgrade – sought clarification from the Serbian authorities, and from the relevant Bulgarian authorities.

The Ministries of Transport of Serbia and of Bulgaria said that pursuant to Article 6 of the current Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on the international transport of passengers and cargo, dated 2003, Bulgarian buses or, respectively, Serbian buses do not have the right to carry out occasional carriage of passengers for tourist purposes from Serbian territory to Bulgaria or from Bulgaria to Serbia.

The Agreement permits exceptions only after such services have requested and received from the relevant authorities permits from both countries. The Foreign Ministry issues a reminder that current regulations must be respected by both parties to the Agreement.

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