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Foreign Ministry warns against travel to Syria

16 November 2011

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns that the situation in Syria is extremely risky and strongly recommends that Bulgarian citizens refrain from travelling around the country.

We recommend that Bulgarians residing temporarily or permanently to take advantage of available opportunities on civilian flights to leave the country, given the risk of further deterioration of the situation.

Bulgarians residing in Syria permanently or temporarily are recommended not to visit public places and avoid contact with the protesters for the sake of their own safety.

Bulgarian citizens are requested to contact the Bulgarian Embassy in Damascus and provide their contact information.

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, Damascus:

Building number 2213

Arnus Street



Tel.: 445 40 39 / 441 31 28

Fax: 441 98 54

E-mail: [email protected]; This e-mail address is protected against spam bots. You will need to have JavaScript enabled. Embassy.Damascus @ mfa.bg

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