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An act of righteous retribution for the victims of extremism and terrorism

02 May 2011 News

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria Nickolay Mladenov comments on Osama bin Laden’s death

The elimination of the leader and inspirer of al-Qaeda is an act of righteous retribution for the numerous victims of extremism. Today we learned that the horrible crimes which he inspired won’t be left unpunished. 

Terrorism doesn’t differentiate between nationalities, beliefs and religions.

Bulgaria is aware that this act doesn’t presuppose the immediate end of international terrorism and elimination of al-Qaeda. Our country will continue to contribute consistently to the struggle against global terrorism, which can be defeated only through the joint efforts of the entire international community.

Considering the current historic changes in the Middle East and North Africa, it is of key importance to disclose the unsoundness of religious fanaticism and extremism in the modern world. Today, people’s real problems must come to the fore and the strife of the moderate majority of Muslims for political freedoms, democracy and human dignity must be supported.

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