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The violence against demonstrators in Syria is unacceptable and discredits the previously stated readiness for reforms

26 April 2011 News

“We are very concerned about the critical situation in Syria. The violent measures taken against the demands of the Syrian people are unacceptable and completely discredit the previously stated readiness of the Syrian government for reforms and a broad national dialogue. Killings of innocent citizens cannot in any case be presented as a plot against national security and leave the impression of an absence of clear judgment of the current irreversible processes in Syria, provoked by the national discontent.

We urge the Syrian government immediately to stop the violence and the use of military forces against unarmed defenceless people. Instead of repressions, Syria needs a national dialogue which should respond fully to the desire of the Syrian people for democracy and broad civil rights. This is the only way to a long-term stability of Syria and of the entire region.”

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