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NATO should continue its commitment to the Western Balkans

15 April 2011 News

The second day of NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Berlin was devoted to the reform of the Alliance’s partnerships. "NATO should continue its commitment to the Western Balkans”, said in his speech Nickolay Mladenov. He stressed the importance of energy security, intensification of the dialogue with the southern Mediterranean and interaction of the pact with the EU as some of the main priorities in the Alliance’s partnerships. The North Atlantic Council approved a package of documents for future partnerships, proposed by Secretary General Rasmussen.
During the talks, the Bulgarian Foreign Minister attended a session of the NATO-Georgia Commission. "Bulgaria confirms its support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia," said Nickolay Mladenov. The Euro-Atlantic integration of the country and the process of democratic reforms were some of the important issues discussed by the Commission.

The meeting of the foreign ministers ended with a session of the NATO-Russia Council. "NATO and Russia are facing common challenges in the fields of security and fight against terrorism," said Nickolay Mladenov. He pointed out the successful cooperation between NATO Allies and Russia in Afghanistan and the need for transparency and reciprocity in the fields of anti-missile defense and control over conventional arms.

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