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On the occasion of the events in Egypt, the Bulgarian Foreign Minister has stated:

30 January 2011 News

 "The events of last week demonstrate the need for serious social and economic reforms that can guarantee democracy and human rights in Egypt. The will of the people of Egypt for reforms is clear.  It should be met by reasonable dialogue and the will to change without compromising  security.

I am encouraged by the appointment of Vice President  Omar Souleyman and Prime Minister Ahmad Shafiq, who now, together with the entire government should demonstrate determination and should respond to the calls for change, democracy and more representation.

Bulgaria condemns the use of violence against the protestors and expresses its condolences to all who have fallen victim these last days. The disruption of communication, telephone and internet connections in the country is inadmissible.

Meanwhile, we are encouraged by the numerous instances in which the Egyptian army and people have stood together in these troubled times.

Today Europe should support Egypt on its way to reforms and change in the name of more public participation in the country’s governance, while avoiding destabilization, violence and chaos.

The stability of Egypt and the prosperity of the Egyptian people are key for the entire region and for EU’s southern neighbors. "

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