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18 January 2011 News

„Pakistan is a friendly country with which  we would like to develop the economic, political and cultural cooperation”. This is how Minister Nickolay Mladenov summarized the significance of his visit to Islamabad- first of its kind in the history of Bulgarian-Pakistani relations.

Together with his counterpart Shah Mehmood Kureishi, he stated the great similarity in the views of the two countries regarding regional issues and the situation in Afghanistan. It is necessary to have assurance that after 2014 the Afghani National Army will be capable to ensure the security in the country, emphasized both Ministers. Minister Mladenov expressed his gratitude to the Pakistani government for the efforts in stabilizing the region, which have had a high price including human casualties.

For his part, the Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani during his meeting with the Bulgarian Foreign Minister expressed his gratitude for the help provided by Bulgaria for the victims caused by the floods in the end of summer last year. Highly appreciated was also the Bulgarian support for the Pakistan’s exports to the EU.

Later today, Nickolay Mladenov will sign an agreement with Pakistan for economic cooperation and will meet with the Ambassadors of the EU countries in Islamabad to inform them of the results and conclusions of his visit.

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