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Bulgaria will fund an education project for young people in Mali

15 May 2013 News

Bulgaria will finance a project worth $120 000 aimed at the education of young people in Mali, as one of the urgent priorities set out in the Recovery Plan for that country 2013-1014.

This was announced by Emil Yalnuzov, director-general of “Global Issues” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at an international donor summit conference “Together for a New Mali”, taking place in Brussels. The project will be implemented by UNESCO and has the goal of empowering young people to actively engage in dialogue to promote tolerance, reconciliation and intercultural dialogue, by providing access to and use of modern information and communication technology.

Our meeting today is an act of solidarity with the aspirations of the people of Mali to achieve peace and security, democracy, reconstruction and development, Emil Yalnuzov said in his speech at the forum.  He said that to ensure the success of this endeavour, it was essential to mobilise all possible European and international support for the reconstruction of the African country, which in turn would contribute to the stability of the region as a whole.

The conference is organised jointly by France and the European Commission, and its aim to mobilize the maximum external financial support to start, after the armed operation by France, a process of stabilisation, the conduct of democratic elections, national reconciliation and post-conflict rehabilitation in Mali, in accordance with the government of Mali’s strategic development plan for 2013-2014, and the “Roadmap” approved in January this year.

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