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Election day continues for Bulgarian citizens in North and South America

13 May 2013 News

The total number of Bulgarian citizens abroad who had voted by 1.30am Bulgarian time on May 13 was 113 751, and election day was still not over in North and South America. By this time, 2646 Bulgarian citizens had voted in the US, 345 in Washington DC, 545 in New York and 625 in Des Plaines.

In Canada, 1117 Bulgarians had voted, 414 in Toronto and 373 in Montreal. In Argentina, 24 had voted by 1.30am Bulgarian time.

According to the section committees, a total of 5825 Bulgarians had voted in the United Kingdom, 3924 of these in London. A total of 1306 had voted in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 246 in Norway and 732 in Denmark, of these 421 in Copenhagen. In Turkey, votes added up to 65 035.

In Romania, 147 Bulgarian citizens voted, 1700 in Austria and 1300 in Italy.

In Egypt, 36 Bulgarians voted, 42 in Tunisia and 109 in Lebanon.

Election day has been proceeding normally and in accordance with the law.

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