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71 821 Bulgarians voted abroad by 6 pm

12 May 2013 News

A total of 71 821 Bulgarian citizens voted abroad in the National Assembly elections by 6pm Bulgarian time. The highest voter turnout was in Turkey, 42 226 people.

In Spain, 7020 Bulgarians have voted by this time, and 1623 in France. The number of voters in Bordeaux and Nice, where there are polling stations for the first time, so far totals 288.

In Germany, by 6pm Bulgarian time, 1896 Bulgarians had voted, and 2005 in Greece.

In many places, among them Paris, London, Vienna, Athens and several places in Turkey, there were crowds of citizens wanting to vote. This was because of higher voter turnout in the afternoon and the legal requirement to complete a declaration and an additional entry in the voters roll of those who had not previously declared their intention to vote.

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