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Statement by EU High Representative Josep Borrell, supported by Bulgaria, on Russia's decision to block a number of European media outlets

26 June 2024 News

The EU condemns the completely unjustified decision of the Russian authorities to block access to more than 80 European media outlets in Russia.

This decision further restricts access to free and independent information and extends the existing serious media censorship in Russia. The banned European media operate in accordance with journalistic principles and standards. They provide reliable information, including to the Russian audience, including with regard to Russia's illegal war of aggression against Ukraine.

In contrast, the Russian disinformation and propaganda channels against which the EU has introduced restrictive measures do not represent free and independent media. Their activities in the EU have been suspended because these channels are under the control of the Russian authorities and are supporting the war of aggression against Ukraine.

Respect for freedom of expression and of the media is a core value for the EU. The Union will continue to support access to reliable information also for audiences in Russia.

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