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Minister Teodora Genchovska: We continue our support to Ukraine

04 March 2022 News

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska took part in an extraordinary NATO foreign ministers meeting, at NATO headquarters in Brussels. The meeting was also attended by EU High Representative Josep Borrell and partner countries Finland and Sweden. The ongoing Russian military invasion of Ukraine, support for the country, as well as NATO's response, including as part of the coordinated efforts of the international community were discussed.

The Allies reaffirmed their common messages condemning the unprovoked and unjustified Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Discussions focused on the immediate response to the current crisis and the security implications of the Allies, with a focus on strengthening the deterrent and defense capabilities of the Eastern Flank Alliance. The member states agreed to continue their support for Ukraine. The ministers also discussed the wider implications of the conflict for NATO and the EU, NATO's partners in the Western Balkans, Georgia and Moldova.

"Bulgaria strongly condemns Russia's unprovoked and brutal aggression in Ukraine.

We are witnessing an attempt to reformulate European security", said Bulgaria's first diplomat. She noted the rude trampling of the international order. NATO is not a party to the crisis and is not looking for a conflict with Russia.

The Allies continue to help Ukraine.

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