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50 stories - Boriana Grozeva

25 July 2022 Events and Discussions


Doctor of Medicine

I was born in Sofia, the capital of small and beautiful Bulgaria. During my childhood, I was a keen explorer of nature, a book lover and a violin player. Adolescence was the time when I wrote my first poems and fell in love with drawing. Both arts have continued to be a passion throughout my life. Following the tradition in my family, after high school I commenced a degree in engineering to discover that electrical machines were not my passion but that medicine was. So, in 1997 I graduated as a Bachelor of Medicine and soon my medical practice began. I enjoyed my work as a Paediatric doctor at an emergency department prior to migrating to Australia in 1999, and I have many fascinating stories from that time.

Upon arrival in Australia, I was amazed by the Australian nature, particularly by its vast picturesque beaches and wildlife. I was also captivated by Aboriginal art and now I am collecting Aboriginal artefacts. Within a year of my settlement in Melbourne, I received an award for my first poem in English at the Adult Learning Week competition. My initial journey in Australia offered challenges and rewards as I juggled motherhood and GP training, and collected countless memories of the many beautiful places I managed to visit.

Currently, I work as a GP in a Medical Centre in Melbourne. Prior to this, I had the opportunity to enrich my experience as a doctor in a variety of places across the country. These include Gippsland, Victoria, as well as remote areas in the Northern Territory such as Tennant Creek and East Katherine region where, during the wet season, some communities are accessible only by small planes. I strive for excellence in patient care and apply a holistic approach in my practice. I am open to new adventures and learning possibilities. My newest passion is Mindfulness.


The story is from the book “Bulgarians in Melbourne” (2017) from Radost Racheva, who is also author of the photographs, provided pro bono for the project.

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