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50 stories - Dr Biliana Agin

25 July 2022 Events and Discussions


Clinical Psychologist

I arrived in Australia in the early 1990s on a holiday. I did not intend to stay as at the time there were exciting socio-political developments in post-communist Bulgaria that I did not want to miss out on.

However, right from the airport, I felt a compelling attraction to Australia’s unique environment. The sun was brighter, the space was bigger, the air was fresher and, literally, the grass was greener than anywhere else I had been.

Very soon, with the support of my mother and other Bulgarian friends here, I enrolled at the University of Melbourne. Studying Arts and Humanities, I started absorbing the progressive, freethinking culture on campus. It was fascinating for me to experience individualism and libertarianism at first hand.

After completing a major in Psychology with Honours, followed by a Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology, I chose to practice as a psychotherapist rather than an academic. I feel that working with individuals at the coalface of their emotions and personal crises is a privilege and a deep responsibility. It is humbling at inspiring. I have developed a busy and reputable private practice, which continues to thrive.

On a more personal note, I have three sons who have always been an absolute priority for me and, admittedly, I take great pride in their development across the social, academic and sporting spheres.

Road cycling, singing in a soul and gospel choir, secular Buddhism and conscious environmentalism are my most recent interests. My aspiration is to integrate a healthy body and a healthy mind, dedicated to inner growth and to the care for others and the planet.


The story is from the book “Bulgarians in Melbourne” (2017) from Radost Racheva, who is also author of the photographs, provided pro bono for the project.

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