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50 stories - Krasimir Bekyarov

25 July 2022 Events and Discussions


Ceramics artist

I was born and raised in Bulgaria but Australia has been my home since 2015. My first encounters with ceramics occurred early in life. At a very young age, I became fascinated by this wonderful material, which can be transformed into the most unique shapes and patterns one could imagine. I left my hometown at the age of 14 to study in the small Bulgarian town of Troyan, which is the capital of pottery arts and crafts in the country. After graduation, I already knew that my professional path as an artist would be that of a ceramicist, so I continued my studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria where I explored the material beyond its functional application in the context of modern contemporary art. I also rediscovered my passion for drawing and painting, which later started to get incorporated in my ceramic objects. I had the privilege of having exhibitions in the best galleries in Bulgaria but the highlight of my art career came with the opening of my own studio gallery in Sofia, “Terra art”. There I had the freedom to express myself through functional and sculptural artworks, which were highly appreciated by the public, commissioned, and sold throughout almost all countries in Europe, as well as Israel, Kenya, USA and even Australia.

The story is from the book “Bulgarians in Melbourne” (2017) from Radost Racheva, who is also author of the photographs, provided pro bono for the project.


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