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50 stories - Bulgarian Australian Business Council

25 July 2022 Events and Discussions


Building bridges between Bulgarian and Australian businesses

The Bulgarian Australian Business Council (BABC) was established at the beginning of 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria by ideas and initiative of Joana Kehlibarova.

BABC is the first organization established in Bulgaria that provides a direct platform and network for Australian, New Zealand and Bulgarian companies and individuals. BABC is dedicated to advancing members' trade and business activities through developing business opportunities, making business contacts, and facilitating the exchange of information.

Mrs. Kehlibarova as BABC Chair, provides direction and supports the council in carrying out its  functions, and ensures its viability and continued success.

For a very short period of time after establishment, BABC became part of ABIE (Australian Business in Europe), which brings together multiple organizations representing Australian and Australia-interested organisations across Europe with the shared objective of growing and strengthening the trade, investment, business and diplomatic ties between the two regions.

In October 2018 the Bulgarian Australian Business Council was elected as next bi-annual chair of Australian Business in Europe (ABIE) beginning on Jan 1st 2019.

BABC actively participated in several ABIEs submissions related to the EU-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and was one of the organizers of the FTA round table in Brussels in July  2019 .

The Council serves many individuals and companies interested in moving to and investing in Bulgaria, or who vice versa are willing to study, work or set foot on the Australian or New Zealand’s market by exporting goods or delivering services. BABC gives all of them the opportunity to meet new business partners and enter a large and trustful network.

BABC has a narrow and successful cooperation with the Australian embassy in Athens (His/Her Excellency the Ambassador is an honorable member of the Management Board), AUSTRADE, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as many other governmental and non-governmental organisations.

This allows all members and interested parties to get acquainted with all news and policies which are significant for the bilateral economic relations, the travel and migration between both regions.

Joana Kehlibarova: “The Council plays a unique and important role in convening dialogues, advocating on key issues, and raising awareness about the relationship between Australia, New Zealand and Bulgaria.”

The story was provided by the Bulgarian Australian Business Council.


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