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Can I bring my doctor prescribed medications with me?

If you need to use specific drugs, prescribed by your Bulgarian doctor, in larger quantities, you should promptly consult with the diplomatic missions of the country concerned. General information may be found on the website of the Ministry under "Travel Assistant" by selecting the respective destination. This type of drugs may be on the list of prohibited or narcotic drugs.

If you can not obtain the information you need for a certain type of medicine, try to reduce the chance of having problems when crossing the borders. Therefore, carry all medications in their original packaging in which they have been purchased from the pharmacies, including the drug leaflet, a copy of the prescription and the doctor’s instructions translated into the local language and certified by the respective diplomatic representation. You should also need an accompanying document from the medical authorities, translated and certified, if you have a metal prosthesis / joint. For more information please contact the Ministry of Health.

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