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First Volume of the historical book about the Bulgarian immigrants in Chicago entitled "Chicago - the Bulgarian City"

27 October 2014 News

On October 22nd 2014 the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Chicago officially received for its library collection a copy of the First Volume of the historical book about the Bulgarian immigrants in Chicago entitled “Chicago - the Bulgarian City". The chronicles do reveal the development of the Bulgarian Immigrant Community in Chicago Metro-area from 1893 (the Columbian Exhibition and the visit to the city of the Bulgarian Author Aleko Konstantinov) until nowadays. The bookis issued by Bulgarian-Amеrican Legacy, as the first volume is realized under the patronage of the Consul General of Bulgaria in Chicago Mr. Simeon Stoilov.

The book is unique as it inherits the efforts of the Bulgarian Community to issue an almanac in the early 20th century – 1931. The book is bilingual in English and Bulgarian language, on luxurious ьand color paper and will be distributed free of charge. The cover is designed by a winner of a competition who lives in Bulgaria and has never been to Chicago. Top Bulgarian university professors and High schools English teachers from Bulgaria are the interpreters of the original Bulgarian text and they also live in Bulgaria. Printing has been made in Bulgaria, as the official sponsor of the book is “the Bulgarian-American Community in Chicago”.

Bulgarian-American Legacy is currently working on the second volume in which they will present the personal achievements of distinct Bulgarians in Chicago, and the third volume will target to emphasize on the prospective and achievements of the youngest members of the Community – the children of Bulgarian origin and their expected future.

The official presentation of the book will be held on October 30th 2014, at a special event in the Field Museum in Chicago. Official guest are members and leaders of the Bulgarian-American Community, members of the local Diplomatic Corps (Chicago Consular Corps), cultural, political and business leaders of the biggest Midwest City in the United States – the City of Chicago.

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