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Bulgarian delegation visited Indiana Congress

21 February 2024 News

Bulgarian delegation made a first ever visit to Indiana Congress. The purpose of the visit was to present the history and achievements of the Bulgarian emigration in Indiana to officials at the highest level.

A significant part of the cultural and historical heritage of the Bulgarian community in Indiana has been bequeathed by Bulgarians who came from the region of Macedonia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The church "St. Stephan" in the state capital, Indianapolis, was built in 1915. by Macedonian-Bulgarians and to this day is a spiritual center of Bulgarian community. In the premises of the church is situated the Bulgarian Sunday School in the city.

A commemorative plaque has been placed in downtown Indianapolis on the site of the first building of the Macedonian Tribune newspaper, an organ of the Macedonian Patriotic Organization, which has been published since 1927 until today.

A commemorative plaque has also been placed at the place where the first building of the church "St. Stephan" was situated in the period 1915 – 1955. In the church, you can see the icons donated by the Bulgarian emigrants, which remind of their dedication in the mission of preserving their faith, language and identity, wherever they are.

Meetings were held with the Speaker of the House, Todd Huston (R), the Minority Leader, Phil GiaQuinta (D), as well as Senators Kyle Walker (R) and Justin Busch (R).

The Bulgarian delegation was led by Consul General Svetoslav Stankov, and included Ms. Ralitsa Kolarova, President of Chapter “Damyan Gruev”, Macedonian Patriotic Organization (MPO), her son Nikolas, Ms. Rossi McKee, President of the Association "Bulgarians Abroad - 681”, Ms. Vera Popov, Macedonian-Bulgarian from Strumica and a long-time member of the MPO, as well as Father Dimitar, who has been serving in “St. Stephan" church since 1985.

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