Diplomatic missions



Australia and Oceania


North America

South America

Turkey, Istanbul, Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria

Key officers

Angel Angelov, Consul General

Nelly Simeonova, Head of consular section

Veselin Bozhilov, Counsellor

Valeri Petrov, Counsellor, Consul

Dimitar Tonev, Counsellor, Consul

Plamen Petkov, Counsellor

Evgeni Vasilev, Counsellor, Consul

Nikolay Dimitrov, First secretary

Marin Nakov, Third secretary

Jordan Ivanov, Second secretary, Consul

Dimitar Filipov, Second secretary

Ivan Ivanov, First secretary

Stefan Kadiyski, Second secretary

Toshko Tomov, Head of Trade section

Ivaylo Stanev, Third secretary, Trade section

Miglena Anguelova, Financial officer

Daniela Vasileva, Consular section

Verka Nikolcheva, Consular section

Gabriela Ivanova, Consular section


Consular Office in Bursa

Veselin Bozhilov, Counsellor, Head of Consular Office

Stanislava Stefanova, Notified Attache, Consular Office

Gergana Kukurina, Associate, Consular Office

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