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Wine tasting of Bulgarian wines at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Stockholm

04 May 2023 News

On April 27, the Bulgarian Embassy in Stockholm hosted a presentation of Bulgarian wines by Ms Neda Velinova Olson, sommelier and Board member of the largest Swedish wine society "Munskänkarna Stockholm". The presentation, organized jointly by the Swedish-Bulgarian Association, was accompanied by a wine tasting from a selection of successful Bulgarian wineries – Borovitsa (Northwestern Bulgaria), Abdiyka (Southwestern Bulgaria), Menada (Thracian valley), the Varna wine region, etc. The presentation was accompanied by a performance of classical music melodies by Ivanka Radukanova (cello), a long-time member of the Association, and Kerstin Alex (piano).

The event was held at the initiative of the chairman of the Swedish-Bulgarian Association, Mr Uwe Wetterberg, Mr Bertil Ruth, honorary chair of the Association and former ambassador of Sweden to Bulgaria, and ambassador Ivan Pavlov.

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